Peridynamics Short Course

WCCM-ECCOMAS 2020 Pre-Congress Course
Paris, France - July 2020

Peridynamic Theory of Solid Mechanics: Modeling, Computation, and Applications

  • Dr. John Foster
    Associate Professor, Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
    The University of Texas at Austin

  • Dr. David Littlewood
    Manager, Computational Multiscale Department
    Sandia National Laboratories

  • Dr. Pablo Seleson
    Research Scientist, Computer Science and Mathematics Division
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Course Description
    Fracture prediction is an ongoing challenge in computational science and engineering. Peridynamics is a nonlocal reformulation of classical continuum mechanics, suitable for fracture modeling and simulation, that removes spatial differentiability assumptions on displacement fields. This course will provide an overview of peridynamics, including its mathematical, computational, and modeling aspects. The course will also review advanced research topics and software in peridynamics, and it will include a hands-on tutorial on 3D simulation of solid mechanics problems.